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Black Belt Contracting

The black belt has come to signify a mastery and all-encompassing knowledge of one’s art form. At Black Belt Contracting Inc., we believe that our work is nothing short of art; we treat every project as such. From the biggest to the smallest of projects, we truly put our heart, soul and a mono-maniacal focus into every ounce.

At Black Belt Contracting Inc., we prioritize the craft and the art above all, every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our commitment to craftsmanship, impeccable regard for our promises, and above all, our clients’ elation.

Our team truly believes that how we do anything is how we do everything. If the work that has been produced is not undeniable in its level of quality, then it is simply unacceptable.

Meet the Owners


Black Belt’s darling – Katie – joined the Black Belt team over a decade ago and her precision, attention to detail and energy all combined to lead to the fruition of Katie’s main joy: her tiling. From intricate designs, to pristine execution, clients are astounded with what Katie delivers. After pouring her love into her work, Katie manages to find some more for her sporting life, where she also coaches. She credits her work ethic to her father, grandfather and other family members, whom she enjoys spending her free time with.


Clients are always excited to see Fraser’s evident knowledge and passion – a result of his range of experience, commitment, and drive. Born and raised in the lower mainland, Fraser has been in construction for almost two decades. Believing in a lead-by-example approach, Fraser thoroughly enjoys being on site with the crew – to offer this experience and pass it on. He is involved in every step of the process to turn your dreams into a reality, which keeps him busy! In his time out of work, Fraser enjoys keeping fit, with a history in martial arts, and is helped along by running after his small collection of dogs and cats.